Uber launches boat service

The private taxi service Uber has launched a brand new product, “UberBoat,” a private ferry service. (now they’re testing this service in Istanbul only) Uber has teamed up with sea transport company Navette on the project. The speed boats will be capable of transporting between six and eight passengers at a time, using the Bosphorus instead of the road. Uber users’ will be able to … Continue reading Uber launches boat service

An amazing view from 20,000 feet

If you’ve never had the privilege of visiting the Himalayas in person, this incredible aerial video (courtesy of Teton Gravity Research) is seemingly the next best thing. Experts took a helicopter up to roughly 24,000 feet to grab these insane shots of Mt. Everest, Ama Dablam, Lhotse and various other breathtaking mountain peaks. The beauty of these natural creations is undeniable, this clip will have you … Continue reading An amazing view from 20,000 feet