Rosy Maggiulli: “Naked for charity”

Official statement The sexy italian showgirl Rosy Maggiulli never ends surprising us, after having been the center of the sex tape gate, and after the selfie with Alessia Marcuzzi during the live of “L’Isola dei Famosi” and her YouTube channel “What would not you do for money?” that’s breaking all the viewing records…she’s ready to continue her crusade to save the Parma Calcio crusaders. This … Continue reading Rosy Maggiulli: “Naked for charity”

Emir wanted for saving the Parma FC, “my body to auction”

Official Statement After the success of his shows around Italy, Rosy Maggiulli is ready for a new business: save the Parma Calcio. The team was declared bankrupt on March 19th. This is another initiative style “What would not you do for money?”, same title of her Youtube channel that is making million of views. The former big brother girl was photographed completely naked, with his … Continue reading Emir wanted for saving the Parma FC, “my body to auction”

Need WhatsApp while travelling?

WhatsApp is undeniably one of the biggest players in mobile messaging, with around 700 million users worldwide. They’ve recently released desktop client and now arrive the “WhatSim”, a SIM card specifically for those travelling and wanting to use WhatsApp without having to accrue ridiculous roaming fees. The single SIM card works with over 400 carriers in around 150 countries, letting you chat on WhatsApp freely … Continue reading Need WhatsApp while travelling?