The Empire strikes back, again…

Hong Kong’s A HIDDEN LAB has celebrated the release of the new Star Wars movie with 3 beautiful sculptures related to important characters of the saga. This collaboration resulted in busts of Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper and Boba Fett constructed from combinations of raw materials like brass, bronze and dolomite. The pieces are available for pre-order with prices ranging from $770 to $1,280 USD. (source) Contacts: A … Continue reading The Empire strikes back, again…

Richest royals in the world

While “normal people” may be pleased with the concept of business class trips, the latest Louis Vuitton bag or a beautiful Tudor watch, there are those who often like to frequent the concept of private jets and yachts or a fleet of Rolls Royce at their disposal.


Yes, we’re talking about silver spoons (gold in some cases) and blue blood. They are the kings of the world, the top monarchs who receive adulation from their people. They also hold substantial amounts of wealth and fortune.

Here are the 9 richest royals in the world.

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Follow the gold bunny

Spring is in the air! And that means Lindt’s Gold Bunny chocolates will be hitting the shelves soon!

The German company, Thomas Sabo jewelry, has reimagined the iconic bunny as a jewelry charm created in sterling silver and plated with 18 carat gold. Chocoholics can add this pretty charm to necklaces or bracelets and enjoy the 500g Lindt chocolate bunny that comes with the charm.
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12,000 reasons to say “I Love You”

Some say that Valentine’s Day is a consumerism holiday, and I want to stay on the same line…by giving you an expensive tip. (price tag is £12,000) Using the striking Rolex Milgauss as the template, the latest bespoke creation from luxury watch customizers Bamford Watch Department arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day. This “I Love You” version is a limited edition that takes the style … Continue reading 12,000 reasons to say “I Love You”