Lovely Lovely Lovely: Martina Mencucci

After a long time, one of the most famous articles of 777Stuff is back, a new Lovely Lovely Lovely is finally here.

This time I had the pleasure to talk with a really beautiful italian girl, her name is Martina and she leaved me this nice message.

My name is Martina Mencucci I was born on the April 2, 1997, currently I’m attendind the university of Sciences of Education and Training in Florence, but I live in the province of Arezzo. As I told you I’m primarly a student for now, but sometimes I’m also a photomodel for some photographers or agencies on Instagram. But I really would like making it a real job. What do I love? Sushi, of course, is my greatest passion.  😛
See ya guys, thanks 777!  xoxo

Now I leave you with a nice gallery of Martina.

If you want to be featured in 777Stuff like Martina, send an email to to keep in touch with us.



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