“Why not?” buy this Js

Nike is always ready to drop a new pair of shoes to celebrate something special, and of course, this is the case of this XXXI “Why not?” for the amazing Triple-Double record by Russell Westbrook.

Maybe you’re reading this from planet Mars, or you don’t read newspaper and don’t watch tv so here I am to help you…
Westbrook is owning the record for most triple-doubles in an NBA season — 42 — (Oscar Robertson recorded 41 triple-doubles in 1961-62).

Now we can go on…
Jordan Brand salutes this record with a special variation of the Air Jordan XXXI. The silhouette merges classic elements from the Air Jordan III PE that R.W. worn on-court in 2013. In addition, due to Westbrook’s request, the sneaker’s tooling has been swapped in favor of the Air Jordan XXX.

Talking about when and how much: Saturday, April 29th I suggest you to bring $200 USD with you (or online)

Bye guys,
be cool.


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