Lovely Lovely Lovely: Stasya Spitz

Ehi guys, I’ve prepared this article for a long time…and now is here for you!
This time I’ve talked with a poetic girl from Moscow,Russia…her beauty is super special, I don’t know there’s something fairy in this beautiful angel… Her name is Stasya Spitz.

As you will see in the gallery below Stasia is amazing, but she’s not only beautiful..she has studied Psychologist and she also studied as a Make Up Artist…and now, as a great girl she is) she’s studying Illustration.

TpEeCFIntoU copy

Regarding that body…well…(genetic perfection a part) she loves go to the gym and eat healthy food, as everyone of us should do. Cause a healthy life is the best life!!

Stasia also loves to travel new cities like Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, Saint Petersburg and also to paint, spent time with friends and with his beloved (lucky) man.

The meaning of life for this amazing girl from Moscow is to always have fun and do beauty things.
Who wouldn’t?!?

Well guys…I usually only leave you with a photo gallery, but this time I also have a gorgeous video of Stasia to show you all, this video I’m talking is super beautiful…is like an amazing dream you wont never finish…

Bye guys, I’m sure you loved this article.
Now don’t waste your time, and go follow Stasya over Instagram and Periscope.



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