Lovely Lovely Lovely: Silvia Iacucci

I love my beloved country and I love all the girls from here, some says that Italian girls are the best and today I share with you the living proof…this proof has a name and surname, she’s Silvia Iacucci.

Silvia was born in Rome, our amazing capital.
She’s not a model or a singer, she’s a woman…an amazing one!
You’ll never see Silvia twiddling her thumbs, her daily time is spent between working for the family businesses and a great book, a sport sessions and some relax…

She loves to travel and every year she spend some of her holiday time in Thailand, this beautiful country is like a second home for her.

Here the regards from our beautiful Special Guest:

I hope to not have annoyed you with my article, this is only a brief description of myself… The real essence of a person can’t be shared with only some words or photos… For good nature, as a scorpion, I’m always cryptic and I believe in my appearance, but my reality could amaze you!!! Kiss you all!

Here below you’ll find some photos from Silvia’s Instagram account:



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