Lovely Lovely Lovely: Giselle Gómez Rolón

Dear readers, I’m sorry for the big delay but I’ve been super busy with other works and with my corrective eyes surgery (all good, thanks God).
By the way, here we’re with a new super gorgeous Lovely Lovely Lovely article…this time we fly to South America, Argentina.
The amazing girl of this article is the bombshell Giselle Gómez Rolón!!


As said before, Giselle is a beautiful and funny girl from Argentina.
Born in the Chaco province and raised in their beautiful capital, Buenos Aires.

She’s an advanced student of Law (probably she’s one of the most sexy Law students, but this doesn’t mean you’ve to get in trouble to see her ahahah, 777Stuff is here for you!) a part from her Law studies, Giselle studied a lot of dance genres, she loves them all.

Our beautiful Giselle is of course also a model, but with a body like that she’s not the usual model…she’s DIVINA! Her body is perfect, imho… You’ll judge yourselves in the gallery at the end of this article.
She’s been a playmate for Playboy Argentina, she participated at the latest “Reina del Festival de Viña del Mar” (unlucky she wasn’t the winner), and she’s also co-presenter of “Golazo Pop” a sport TV Show from La Cuarta.

Of course is not easy to maintain a beautiful shape like that, eat healthy and stay healthy looks simple but is not…
She does a lot of gym and sports (she wants to start a martial art), and she also has a nutritionist that help her.

A part from this goddess body, Giselle is a simple girl in a special body. 🙂
She likes to spend times with friends, drink a glass of wine, try to cook new plates, travel in new cities…

I’ve to be honest, Giselle really conquered me, she’s a great girl (not only from the external side)…she deserve the best and I’m sure we will continue hear a lot of her.

If you want to stay in touch with here, you find the most beautiful girl in Argentina on
Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Snapchat (La_Rolon).
Now I leave you with her amazing photo gallery:

I’m sure you’ll love it as I do.


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