Lovely Lovely Lovely: NIKASOUL

Ehi guys, here I am with another Lovely Lovely Lovely girl.
This time I’ve talked with an amazing singer, model and showgirl, maybe you’ve seen this beauty on TV during “Ciao Darwin”.
Here below you’ll find a letter from the amazing NIKASOUL…

My name is Veronica Cutonilli aka NIKASOUL, I was born in Terracina in the province of Latina, but I grew up in San Felice Circeo.

I have a diploma in business secretary but my main activity is related to art, I’m a singer. I don’t work as a singer only but I also work as a model and showgirl. As a singer and songwriter, my greatest aspiration is to have a record contract with a major label, but having also studied dance and theater, I would also like to be part of an important television program as a showgirl.
Of course, among my dreams there is also one concerning my private life: I’d love to have a family of my own, because I believe in the values that my parents instilled in me.

I grew up by listening soul, gospel and pop music. When I was a child I listened over and over albums of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, I love this two singers, maybe because I’ve a stamp similar to their.
My beauty icon is Sophia Loren, for its sensuality and Mediterranean image that reflects a little bit of my be.

Till the past month I was part of the cast of “Ciao Darwin” important Italian tv show with Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti.
We have a lot of fun during every episode, it was super cool to transmit the audience our euphoria. In “Ciao Darwin” I have played different roles, but the one that gave me the more exposure was for sure the princess of fairy-tale world…the candidate did laugh million people for its absurd answers while trying to guess the character I was playing. Super funny!!

I follow a healthy lifestyle, I love to have long walks on the beach, and listening to the waves crashing on the shore. I do a lot of fitness, pilates and dance. I love Mediterranean food and often eat fresh seafood at the restaurant of my boyfriend who is on the Latina coastline.

I like to cuddle up to my chihuahua, Apple, which is so small as to be almost in the palm of a hand. I listen a lot of music, and when I can, I like to stay together with my closest friends.

Among the cities that I have visited, the one I loved the most is for sure Naples…its natural beauty, its culture, its history and its people always happy!
I’d love to see is Verona, not only for the Arena where there are many musical events…like an incurable romantic I would like to see Juliet’s balcony.

Regarding my future works, I’ll release soon my two new singles of dance tracks (so “stay tuned”) 🙂 and then I have to sift through the many proposals that are coming to me.

Bye bye. :*

You can follow Nikasoul on Instagram, and here’s the amazing gallery for 777Stuff:



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