Lovely Lovely Lovely: Sarah Altobello

In this new “Lovely Lovely Lovely” article we’ll talk about a girl (and what a girl!!!) from southern Italy, precisely Modugno (Bari)…her name is Sarah Altobello and she’s really BELLA!

Sarah has two great passions, acting and modelling.
In 2012 she was chosen as a model during the famous David di Donatello awards, and since then she has been strongly linked in this way.
As we said before, as well as being a model, in recent years she has rediscovered herself as a very good actress, so good that she was even chosen as one of the stars of “Alta Infedeltà” (airing on Real Time) where she has expressed his talent at the best.
But this is not her real ambition, Sarah would prefer something with a more distinctive “journalistic” tract, such as a correspondent for a television format in a “Striscia la Notizia” style.


Of course Sarah is not only beautiful, she has a diploma in languages, she loves to travel, animals and to do good things for other people.
In fact, the earnings of his glamour calendar were donated to local kennels.

Calendar that was offered to her by a real guru of Italian photography as Bruno Oliviero. This calendar is not one of those usual calendar where nothing is left to the imagination, this one is very glamorous and stylish.
Continuing one the theme of “shooting”, one of those who remained most impressed to Sarah (and not only to her…you know what I mean) is the one at the Stadio dei Marmi in Rome…


I tried to have some anticipation on shootings, acting or anything… but nothing to do…our beautiful Sarah unfortunately didn’t anticipate me nothing.
Who knows, maybe we will know some news in a future article here on 777Stuff …

“Thanks for the attention dedicated to me, greetings to my fans and especially to the beloved readers of 777Stuff….. and to you Federico
(Sarah Altobello)”

Now I leave you to the vision of her beautiful photo gallery and of course I invite you to follow Sarah on Instagram and Facebook. (shame on you if you don’t do it)

See you soon,


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