Lovely Lovely Lovely: Martina Sabato

Today’s girl could be called “girl of the next door”, but she’s more than a normal one, she could be a “girl of the next castle”. 😉
She’s super beautiful, she’s Italian (like me) and she wants to become an actress..her name is Martina Sabato.
Here below you’ll find her interview:

What’s your name?
Nice to meet you all, my name is Martina Sabato

Where are you from?
I was born in Vimercate, a town not far from Milan

What did you study and what to study?
I have achieved an high school diploma in Science. At the moment I’m studying in a British School, because I would like to improve my english like a mother language,and I’m also taking acting classes, one of my greatest passion.

How long are you a model?
Not so much, I started working as a model a year ago.

How do you keep your body in a great shape?
I always quarrel with the alimentation and gym.
This requires sacrifice and steadfastness 😀

What are your goals as a model?
My biggest goal isn’t in the fashion business, I want to be part of a movie. The world of cinema has always fascinated me, but of course I will continue to pose for magazines and catalogs of underwear.

How do you see your progress in this field?
I’m glad of what I have done so far… I’m working a lot and I hope the future holds me much luck

What is the shooting that I remained more impressed?
Every shooting has left me something…each photographer has made me grow…

Martina Sabato 1994 Vimercate 3911055810 Ph4

There are models that inspire you or that you appreciate particularly?
Honestly, no! 🙂
I want to differentiate myself with originality, the competition is very strong and I do not want to become the draft of another model or actress.

How did you start your adventure in “Take Me Out”?
I presented myself at the audition and they luckily call me back, it’s a super fun show.

I know you like to become an actress, you have already approached this beautiful dream?
I participated with great enthusiasm at the teaser of the film “Ai confini della vanità” and at the sitcom of Italia1 “What women want”. Is always exciting be in front of the cameras.

Are you already working to make this possible?
Of course, I have and I want to be prepared!!

What do you like to do when you’re not busy with your job?
I like to dedicate myself to my family, walk in the nature, travel and discover new cultures.
In conclusion: I love shopping, I love bags and shoes.
I will be crazy but I find it very relaxing!

What is the city that you visited that you have left more impressed?
I do not know…I like so much travel and visit new places that I fall in love every time I go to a new place

Tell me a place that you want to visit.. 

This could be sound strange but I’ve never visited Naples! I’ll be there son…

Future plans you want to talk with us? 

Follow me on my social profiles and we’ll find out together …

Say “Hello” to our readers..
Thank you all, you are my power! A big hug, see you soon!! :*

I suggest you to go follow Martina on all her Social account:
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
I know you’re here also for the photos, so…it’s gallery time!



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