If we were telling a fairy tale to help children fall asleep, it would begin by “once upon a time”, but this is a dream with open eyes that deserves a place in history.
Last night, Leicester City F.C. won for the first time the Barclays Premier League, two matches before the end Leicester celebrates the title of Champions,after the draw in one of the most fought derby of London.

Leicester City F.C. players, all together inside Vardy’s house (turned into a pub for the match) went crazy at the final whistle, just like their supporters crowded outside or at King Power Stadium.

The mayor of Leicester, Sir Peter Alfred Soulsby, one of the biggest fan of the foxes, after have coloured the city of blu wants to dedicates the streets of Leicester to some of the protagonists, like Vardy Vale, Schmeichel Street, Drinkwater Drive and Ranieri Road.


The football people all over the world, have celebrated the title won by the new idols of football, with special thanks to the leader of this team, Mr. Claudio Ranieri, the man from Italy who let all believe in the real values of football and life, the are now lost in this world controlled by money. He woke up this world with his “Dilly Ding Dilly Dong” to grab our dreams fighting fearless, and never quit despite everything.

Although Domenico Modugno used to sang “Penso che un sogno così non ritorni mai più”, we want to celebrate and thanks again the man who let us believe in dreams, of course in Leicester style.



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