Lovely Lovely Lovely: Francesca Brambilla

My new Lovely Lovely Lovely girl is another Italian beauty, she’s young, super beautiful (with her perfect shape), she loves a lot of sports (she’s the Dea for the Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio) and she’s the Alien from the italian program “Avanti un altro”…as you probably already know she’s the always stunning Francesca Brambilla.

Francesca is a ’92 class, 1.78m tall, awesome green eyes and a stunning body.
Yes, you’re right, she looks like an angel more than an alien.

She’s so beautiful that she’s been part of some Playboy’s events as a super sexy bunny.
Francesca is a real professional model, she has already done her calendar (in 2013, with the great Roberto Roseano), she has been sponsor for the 2014 SuperBike season, and last year she has been featured in the awesome Valsir’s body painting calendar.

She also likes music a lot, and you’ve probably seen her in some music videos like “Play Me Like A Violin” by Brighi feauring Snoop Dogg or maybe in “Baby it’s the last time” by R.J. featuring Flo Rida and Qwote.

Francesca is so beautiful that all TV programs try to have it, she has been hosted at tons of italian TV programs as Chiambretti Night, Quelli Che il Calcio, Scalo 76, Saturday Night Live, Tiki-Taka, and as I already said she’s the Aliena from “Avanti un altro”.


Do you want to know if she’s engaged?
Some says she has been flirting with the singer Cesare Cremonini, later with the rapper Gué Pequeno, and other says also with the MotoGP rider Marc Márquez…I don’t know if it’s real, I only know for sure that she’s engaged with Camillo, her super jealous dog.
I don’t suggest you to dare him, pay attention!!

Francesca, as every girl, as everyone of us, has some dreams…her dreams are to become an actress and a mother. I’m sure she can conquer both, she’s super strong and she deserves all the best.

Well, it’s all for now guys, I’d like to say a big “GRAZIE!” to Francesca for share with me some of her precious time. I suggest you to go follow her (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) as soon as you can, cause she’s super beautiful and funny.. and if you’re lucky enough, you can also meet her at the Atalanta’s stadium.

And now, go check all the photos here below!
See ya,


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