14: the story of a Legend

The strength of speed and the elegance of altruism, suggests enthusiasm and
admiration at the sight of the talent that forever revolutionized the game of football.

Born in the April of 1947 in the outskirts of Amsterdam, he grew up between the asphalt, with his flat feet and a battered ankle, him that from the 70’s inspired the future by giving wonderfull moments, sighs, and immortal silences…he was, he is and he will always be, Johan Cruijff.
Some said he was a rebel, other an anarchist like that number,the 14, of a normal bench player, but worn as a number 1, not a football genius, but a genius in the football.
He was able of crazy acceleration that enhances the game with colours never seen before.
Conductor, étoile, inventor of eternal teams..player and then a manager..leadership, faithful to the ethics and aesthetics of his football expressed with the jerseys of Ajax, Barcelona and Netherlands national team.
The advent of Cruijff, thanks to his mentor Rinus Michels, marked the birth of a modern game known as total football, a game played in a so ambitious way that inspired the tiki-taka that made famous Messi and Guardiola, where the team play is the climax.
Outside the box because free from the trappings, he sensed the space before all the others, perceiving defense and attack when there wasn’t.. a prophet of a philosophy alive today more than ever.
It is useless to list all the trophies and awards he won, is not the right thing to do, for Cruijff himself the only result that a coach should require, is to learn,
and today, the day he left us, we learnt that a star illuminates beyond its time.



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