The Art of Car Spotting

A Car spotter is a person who is typically strongly interested, in an amateur capacity, in car spotting, which is observing or photographing interesting, vintage, rare, modified, and/or exotic supercars on public roads. 
Car spotters can often be found in large, wealthy cities and areas such as London, Dubai, Monaco, and Beverly Hills, where exotic cars are most commonly found.
(Source: wikipedia)

Wait wait wait… Wikipedia isn’t talking about Italian car spotters, that’s not good!!
Thanks Wiki, I catch your assist…
Today I’d like to talk about one of the best Car Spotter in Italy, especially in my zone, Milan.

I’d like to talk about Samuele aka supercarsofmilan, a super cool guy with the blood full of cars and photography platelets’.
His love for cars is innate but 4 years ago he started taking some photos…he started loving this hobby and in 2014 he opened his Instagram Account.
We’re now in 2016 and he’s one of the most famous Car Spotters in Italy, with more than 10.000 followers.
Samuele usually shots with his Canon 700D, and as you can see from some shots here below, he’s  a real master.

You can find supercarsofmilan on Autogespot, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
Pay attention to the “location” in his Instagram account and try to catch him while he’s shooting.. 😉

Hope you liked this new article.
Have a great day and stay focused.


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