Lovely Lovely Lovely: Gayana Bagdasaryan

Dear readers, after a long time, Lovely Lovely Lovely is finally back with a new girl, this time I’m bringing you an awesome angel from the East-Europe/Central-Asia, she was born in the ancient city of Samarkand and her name is Gayana Bagdasaryan.

Gayana spent all her childhood dancing and playing a lot of sports, especially tennis.
She always been in love with fashion and at the age of sixteen she started practicing modelling as a business.

One year later she leaved her native city for the big Moscow, as soon as she arrived she started  shooting with a lot of famous photographers.

Gayana has revealed me that her Armenian roots gave her a great body shape, grateful to mom and dad.

She usually spend a lot of time in the gym, around 4/5 days a week, with a particular interested in her buttock. And as you can see, the results is all worth the “fatigue”.
Well, this is not a fatigue for Gayana, she loves going to the gym and she has no restrictions, she eat burgers and sweets.

Recently, she entered in acting academy, one of the biggest desires of this beautiful girl is to act in films and working with Hollywood directors.
She has already worked in some TV Series and movies, and she also starred in four music videos along-side well known singers.
She’s currently working with MiRas film a large film company as model and director.

I’m sure that Gayana will remain at the top level so long, because she works a lot and she deserves the best.
We’re already talking about new possible collaborations, so stay tuned guys. 😉

I suggest you to follow this awesome beauty everywhere:
Facebook – YoutubeInstagram

Have a great day.


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