Lovely Lovely Lovely: Giorgia Cosplay

This time I want to talk about a different girl, she’s not the usual model, she’s something more particular…
She’s Giorgia Vecchini, aka Giorgiacosplay, and she’s in the scene of italian cosplay for over ten years and, after winning the prestigious title of ‘Best Individual cosplayer’ at the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya (Japan) in 2005, also of the world.
Giorgia works with different italian exhibitions as sworn and as godmother but also as organizer of cosplay events including Cartoomics and Games Week, collaborating with personalities likes Cristina D’Avena, Gem Boy, Giorgio Vanni, and Omar Fantini from Colorado Cafè among others.

02_athena After her victory in Nagoya she started to be often invited as Special Guest to a lot of events all over the world, Mexico, Portugal, England and Japan.
She has also worked with different realities that gravitate around the world of cosplay, appearing on many items for portals and magazines , interviews, television raids, up to land even in Vogue magazine in the role of Wonder Woman.
She realized in 2009 the first photographic book about cosplay in Italian entitled “Phenomenal Cosplay”, published by Coniglio Editore.
Giorgia has also recorded some eurobeat for the Japanese market under the label Gogo’s Music and she’s the lead singer of the cartoon cover band “Le Canne di Sampei” and from 2014 also of the “Seven Nippon”.
She also played the role of the famous fairy Flora of the ‘Winx’ in various television shows and openings.

Elektra Character stand alone in Gamers’ sitcom for the retail chain Game Stop and Cinemaniacs for UCI Cinemas, actress for Moonbase (Rai 2) by Marco Giusti and in some episodes of Stracult, directed by Luca Rea.
For the football season 2011-2012 and 2014-2015 she worked at “Quelli che il Calcio” as a guest supporter for the team of Chievo Verona.
She has recently started a collaboration as editor and blogger for the film magazine Best Movie and with the web container “Breaking Pop” dedicated to the world of cinema, geeks and nerds’ souls!
Among the upcoming events you can surely find Giorgia at the December edition of Torino Comics.
As for the coming year in addition to her usual events as Games District, Sagra dei Fumetti and Parco Sigurtà (all around Verona and province) she’s already planning several fairs in Apulia, Calabria, Sicily, and Tuscany and a trip in French so…..stay tuned!

Official Site
Giorgia’s bandcamp
Giorgia for BestMovie

Thanks a lot Giorgia for your kind soul and your patience.
I’m sorry to be late with your article.

Have a great day and weekend,


2 thoughts on “Lovely Lovely Lovely: Giorgia Cosplay

  1. Giorgia is by far The best italian cospalyer, and One of the Best in the World…
    Her costumes are simply stunning and perfect and she is more beautiful than a Real model…top.

    Liked by 1 person

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