Lovely Lovely Lovely: Giulia Parenza

Here we are, your Lovely Lovely Lovely moment of the month is here…
This month will be different, this is not a normal article, I’ve talked a lot with this girl before we set it, and I think we completed a cool “Lovely Letter from Giulia Parenza”, here it is:

What can I say .. I’m Giulia and I’m a 24 years old Italian girl, I’m from Rome to be more clear. I always had a thousand passions, I’m a Sagittarius and I’m super full of ideas, I’m always at three thousand and I lead a busy life; I hate to be alone, I hate being at home instead I love the confusion, stay with other people.. I love to travel, I do it continuously, whenever I can .. But the thing I love most in my life is the aesthetic, physical , style, tattoos … I’m a rebel, I love everything that goes contrary, I have to knock my head billion times before I realized my idea was wrong ..I am stubborn but luckily I never lose …! The best sentence that describe my life is “if you insist and persist, you join and conquer” .. Because since I was a little girl I have a big dream: I want become a professional model… I had a thousand obstacles in my way .. Despite my appearance can represent me as a self-confident person, in fact I have many weaknesses, the bigger is my insecurity … I graduated high school in a private school… After that rather than go to university .. I decided to travel .. I lived in Miami, Florida, but even so I could not get there either my goal to be a model … This is because of my being so insecure, and having had an absent father not helped me, I tried to hide all this behing a life full of wrong people, why? Because the fear of being alone can destroy you. I have been engaged since I was 15 .. Always…I burned many many too many chances because all friends and partners were not so good with me, they didn’t helped me and they didn’t have encouraged me as who really take care of you do…For jealousy .. I also came to think I was the problem .. But finally I started to see some light at the end of the tunnel.. An intelligent person finally gets engaged to me and tells me to try it, to chase my dreams .. From that moment I reached to bigger steps and I became who I am now, a model … this is what I really want … I’m sure I’m born for this, I love to be photographed. I love me. I passed all understanding that I should love me before others… A life of sacrifice, sports, diets only to realize that I was beautiful because I was me, I was Giulia. Today I am single and I’m happy like this. I have a job that fills me with joy, I have a cool social life…and I can travel wherever and whenever I want!!! Remember guys, if you have a dream, chase it… Other people are jealous because YOU are the best.

Giulia is a really great girl, she’s beautiful, she’s funny, she’s gentle and she’s super professional.
I’m sure she will become a great model. (imho she already is, but we can always improve ourselves, because only sky is the limit)
You can follow Giulia on Facebook and Instagram

Stay tuned, we’re already planning another work together…
See ya soon guys,


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