Lovely Lovely Lovely: Sammi Jo

I know, I know, I’m so late with our “Lovely Lovely Lovely” article, but as you all know, you’ve to struggle if you want to do things in the good way.

The new “Lovely Lovely Lovely” girl is from Surrey, a beautiful county in the South East of England, she’s a curvaceous and versatile model and her name is Sammi.


She has started her career as a dancer and she started model as another form of performance. She models freelance up and down the UK and she has been abroad shooting in Portugal and Spain with photography groups and workshops. She has also travelled to Venice to shoot in traditional carnival costumes.


She usually models many genres and mostly her hair and makeup is created by herselves. She loves shooting cheeky glamour but there is a place in her heart for black and white figure nude images. She also likes fashion shots and pinup.

Personally I find Sammi so damn hot, her body is a bomb and she’s also a really nice person and super professional. And I’m really grateful to her for this opportunity.

Guys, remember to follow Sammi’s social accounts:
Twitter and Instagram.

Here below you’ll find a gallery with some shoots from Sammi.

Enjoy it.


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