Lovely Lovely Lovely: Emanuela Iaquinta

Other month, other “Lovely Lovely Lovely” article.
This month I’ve had the pleasure to talk with another italian girl, her name is Emanuela Iaquinta and she’s an italian showgirl. She’s a model, a tv-presenter and also a medium, she predicts the final results of football matches (I’m joking).


As I said before, this beautiful girl is Emanuela Iaquinta, she started modeling when she was 16, through some beauty pageants. Thanks to her beauty and her carisma she has won a lot of beauty strips but the most important strip was surely the one of “Miss Cinema” during the competition “La più bella del mondo” (World’s most beautiful) in the Italian section; she has received it from Gianna Tani, at that time she was casting director of Mediaset.

emanuela2In addition to the model carreer she co-lead a football program on Italian channel (DTT channel 53) produced by Fulvio Collovati (World champion during FIFA World Cup 1982) and it’s on-air every Tuesday and Thursday evening.

She studied ballet for 13 yearsa and modern jazz for 3 years, she also studied acting and a year and a half ago she was part of the movie “Come ti vorrei” by Italian director Giorgio Molteni. But it ‘s been only a little digression, she want to continue in her hosting carreer and in football sector.

I tried to sneak some news about future works but she doesn’t want to say nothing…for now!
I want to wish her a good luck for her working carreer and her life and I also want to thanks with her because she has been so gentle with me.

Now guys take a look at the complete Emanuela’s gallery for 777Stuff:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can stay updated on Emanuela over her Official social accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Have a great day.


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