Emir wanted for saving the Parma FC, “my body to auction”


Official Statement

After the success of his shows around Italy, Rosy Maggiulli is ready for a new business: save the Parma Calcio. The team was declared bankrupt on March 19th.

This is another initiative style “What would not you do for money?”, same title of her Youtube channel that is making million of views.
The former big brother girl was photographed completely naked, with his body covered only by a body painting with the colors of her favorite team, ball in hand, in a football field.

The target is to attract investment of some rich overseas men, maybe Arabic, to revive the fortunes of the team.
If that will happen, she will return to undress herselves, but this time to celebrate the salvation of Parma in the SerieA championship at the end of the season and perhaps she will do it even in the stadium of the football team.



Mobile: +39 320 05 73 728
Email: dive.star@hotmail.it
Facebook: Dive & Star Production
Twitter: @divestarproduct



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