Italians do it better


(unlike the subject of photo) The title is a little tip for the subject of this article, patriotism for my hated and beloved Italy.
As you can understand I’ll not talk about Madonna, and of course I’ll not talk of our lovely politicians (is better like this…) I’ll talk about something less important but more fun…sport!

Yesterday was an importand day for italian sports, in two differents motorsports, MotoGP and Formula1.
The first one, maybe the most unthinkable, during the Qatar GP we’ve destroyed all the other “nations” and covered the whole podium with our tricolore flag.
The doctor (Valentino Rossi) after a bad start that bring him on 10° position, bypassed one after the other all the pilots and started a great fight with his loved team-mate Jorge Lorenzo, and also with the two Ducatis of Dovizioso and the young Andrea Iannone.
This Ducati is no longer, luckily for the team, the crazy horse of the other years…this year is a complete motorcycle (luckily for my italian proud).

Now I want to talk about the Malaysian GP of Formula 1, unfortunately I’ve seen only the last laps, but I’ve seen the complete highlights later and I can shout the whole world that FERRARI IS BACK!!!
I’m a Ferrari lover since I was a baby, I really like F1 and I usually watch all the GPs.
The “little” champion Sebastian Vettel has done a really great GP, and the video here below speaks for me… Kimi “Iceman” Raikkonen was more unfortunate during the Q2 but he’s done a great GP as well.

This year our car is ready for a fun championship, maybe we’ll not win the title, but after shitty year we’re finally back…
Jim Morrison once said “A hero is not one who has never fallen, but one that, when has fallen, has the courage to stand again.” and we’re back, we’ve a grat car, two champions are ready to run with our cavallino rampante and we’ve a power that the other teams don’t have, we want come back where we deserve to stay, on the top of the world!
And we’ve to do it also for a great man that’s fighting with us, and we’ve to fight also for him, the greatest F1 racing driver of all the time, the Kaiser, Michael Schumacher. #ForzaMichael

A famous advertising of an Italian beer said:
“c’è più gusto ad essere italiani”


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