Smoke like a Porsche

Years back, Porsche Design added to their premium product range a luxury Shisha waterpipe, also known as a hookah or narghile. After the success of the first iteration, the company has introduced a new version of its luxury hookah, the Porsche Design Shisha 2.0. porscheshisha The new shisha has a simplistic yet captivating design. Made using exclusive materials such as aluminum and hand- blown glass, the clutter-free design is beautiful to look at. The apparatus stands at a height of 73.5cm and thanks to the technical sophistication, it offers an incomparable smoking experience. Made in Germany, the Porsche Design Shisha 2.0 is priced at € 1,550 and is available on the company’s official website.

As a shisha’s smoker, I really like this one, but at that price you can buy more luxurious hand-crafted shishas. FF


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