Lovely Lovely Lovely: Tillie Model

Copyright: Richard Matthews

Here’s my 2nd “Lovely Lovely Lovely” post, this time I want to focus on a model, maybe she’s not known by all of you, but I’m sure that I’m bringing you a nice “surprise”.

This beautiful girl is Tillie Model, she’s a professional model from Leeds, UK and she’s specialised in beauty, commercial, lingerie and art nudes photos.

Tillie has a gymnast and dancer background, and as you can read in her “About”, she has won a lot of medals in UK as gymnast.
She attended Performing Arts Schools where she also learnt Acting and Singing too.
Her performing talents makes her a versatile model, and as you can see in these photos all around the post…..SHE’S HOT DAMN SEXY!!!

Copyright: Jimmy Taylor

I’ve had the pleasure to talk with her on Twitter, she’s such a nice person, with a deep love for earth and nature.
I’ve also understand that we’ve something is common, we both want to succeed in our life, here’s a part of her “About”:

I continue to strive to improve and always better myself in all I do and the past 3 years of my modelling career I have grown in confidence and as a person. And I believe the results of my work reflect this.

I want to wish her all the best for her life, and also to succeed in everything she wants, I’m sure she deserves it.

Copyright: Donald

Here’s the link to her official site:

Have a nice day folks,
I suggest you to keep informed on Tillie’s carreer.


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