The hotel that defies gravity

I’d like to talk about a particular hotel, Hotel Unbalance, as you can understand from it’s name, it is a particular hotel in Peru that’s litterally “unbalanced”. Coming up on a cliff outside the city limits of Lima, the Unbalance will be a quite unique hotel in architecture, it’ll look like it defies the law of gravity.

unbalance2The Hotel Unbalance looks like a lopsided picture frame stuck to the side of a cliff. Its architectural designers are the firm – OOIIO who have designed it at a tilt, so that its corner is embedded into the ground rather than its side.
The landscape of the surrounding areas was important for the design of the hotel as visitors can now get a good ‘frame’ of the Pacific Ocean.
Even though it’s crazy shape, like every other hotel, this one too will have the basic amenities like restaurants, conference rooms etc. besides its 125 rooms.

Probably we’ve to wait 5 years,
or maybe more…but as we say in Italy
“a fare le cose bene ci vuole il tempo che ci vuole”.


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