Heisenberg is back…

I want to start with a simple question:

Have you seen Breaking Bad?
YES        or        NO

Now we can continue with the post…

I don’t want to talk about the tv series, I don’t have to talk about Breaking Bad, IT’S SIMPLY AWESOME and I’ve attached the link before the “Read More” for a tricky reason… 🙂

brba1I’m here to talk about “toys”, but not a simple toy….a super unique collector’s edition of Heisenberg, the protagonist of BrBa.
Toy manufacturer threezero have released a 1/6th scale figure of him.

The model comes furnished with a throng of accessories like a pork pie hat, sunglasses, a pistol and five stacks of blood money, not to mention an astonishing likeness to the fictional criminal mastermind portrayed by Bryan Cranston.

The pre-order window begins on February 23 at 8p.m. EST, price tag is $150 USD (international shipping is included).

I really liked Breaking Bad, and the prequel-sequel (I don’t know how to call it) series Better Call Saul looks super.
Unfortunately I’ve watched only first two episodes, but I’ll go on asap.

Have a great day folks and:


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