Are you ready for the SmartSwatch?

The Swiss makers of Swatch plan to release their smart watch just as the Apple Watch will roll out.

The connected Swatch won’t need charging, said Swatch CEO Nick Hayek in an interview with Bloomberg, and this could give it a trump card on its formidable competition. (maybe a solar battery?)
Other advantages that Swatch may bring include tiny, bendable batteries and flexible power packs, Hayek noted.
Swatch is also working on making arrangements with retailers so that wearers could use the SmartWatch to make mobile payments, Hayek said.

The company is not new to this type of “smart” features, is more then 15 years that Swatch produce touchscreen watches under the Tissot brand and they have evolved to offer technological goodies such as an altimeter for hikers, a compass and sensors for diving.

We’ll see what Swatch will drop on the market,
most of the time “simple is better”,
and Swatch is synonymous of “simple”.


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