Need WhatsApp while travelling?

whatsimWhatsApp is undeniably one of the biggest players in mobile messaging, with around 700 million users worldwide.
They’ve recently released desktop client and now arrive the “WhatSim”, a SIM card specifically for those travelling and wanting to use WhatsApp without having to accrue ridiculous roaming fees.
The single SIM card works with over 400 carriers in around 150 countries, letting you chat on WhatsApp freely for a minimal $10 USD for the card.
If you’d like to exchange more than messages, you can purchase credit packages to share pictures, videos and more. (more infos here)

I honestly don’t understand how can use it…because I need a wifi or 3G connection (or the other connections type) to use WhatsApp, so is it all inside this SIM? And how can they block my connection for WhatsApp only?

Let me know if you’ve addictional infos, please.
See you.


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