Ok, Glass. “Revolution!”

The futuristic Google Glass seems closer to the turning point that probably will bring them closer to the trade on large scale.
Who knows what they’ll think of this revolution all those who in recent months bought the Explorer Edition (a developes version of the device) for around $1,500.

Currently the experimental phase is over and with it also the sales phase, now Google is preparing to improve and revolutionize his Glass in every aspect, both technological and purely aesthetic.

Surely Google will focus on improving the most criticized aspect, the one related to privacy. Yes, because the built-in camera allowed to take photos and video without the knowledge of who was near-by.
Many developers have pointed out that walking on the street some people showed bothered by the fact that they wore those glasses and even in some restaurants and bars the use was forbidden.

Personally I would not be so tragic, otherwise we should ban any photo or video recording on the street.
I think that we are in 2015, and now the technology is a big part of our life, and be accused of breach of privacy for a simple use of the camera of my device, in my opinion, is a serious exaggeration.

Returning to the Google Glass, forget it in the form that we have known up to now, Google has said that the project will go ahead but with great revolutions (there are rumors of possible upgrades with special Intel processors) and they’ve entrusted the stage 2.0 supervision to Tony Fadell, former Apple designer and head of the robotics division Nest, recently acquired by Big G.

We will see what will happen in the near future, certainly the Glass will come back.
I hope they’ll definitely improve it, hopefully keeping the camera (despite criticism) and I think that we all hope they’ll low a bit the price, otherwise it will not make a long way.

As always, I’d like to invite you to express your opinions.

“Sit down, write now.” ;D

See you soon.



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